Terms & Conditions:-

1. The Buyer / Student purchasing any of the services offered on this website is presumed to have read, agreed and accepted these terms and conditions.

2. The Buyer hereby confirms that he/she is not a minor and is legally capable of giving consent on the date of the purchase / transaction.

3. The Buyer / Student purchasing the services acknowledges and agrees to the following:

4. The Buyer (Student) understands that this purchase provides him access to the selected encrypted classes which are recorded in a studio and can be viewed by the student on our proprietary software. 

5. The access to offline pre-recorded video classes shall be for the use and consumption of the Buyer / Student alone. The Buyer / Student agrees not to distribute / share the offline video classes or access to offline video classes to others or reproduce any course material, in any form or manner. The Buyer / Student further agrees that any distribution / sharing of the offline class videos or access to the offline class videos with any unauthorized person shall be a violation and infringement of the intellectual property rights vested solely and exclusively in Mr. Sahil Jain. 

6. Sahil Jain Classes gives the Buyer / Student a license to access and consume the offline video classes for a limited period of time and for a limited number of views for the Buyer / Student alone. The Buyer / Student acquires no right, title or interest in the intellectual property contained in the printed educational material, video classes and any other proprietary intellectual property made available to the Buyer / Student. 

7. The Buyer understands that the full course may not be available for consumption at once on the date of purchase. All the offline courses are recorded on a regular basis to ensure that the latest information and content reaches the students. Therefore, the complete course shall be provided in parts as various videos which shall become available for viewing of the buyer as soon as the said portions have been recorded.

8. Sahil Jain Classes (i.e. the Service Provider) promises to provide access to the complete classes as soon as they have been recorded and assures the student (buyer) of completion of the course before the exams.

9. The access to offline video classes is made available for a limited number of viewings as stated in the details pertaining to the selected classes.

10. The proprietary software used for de-encryption and viewing is a third party software not owned, operated or managed by Sahil Jain Classes. Though all precautions have been taken to use the services of an industry leading reliable service provider, Sahil Jain Classes provides no assurance or warranty as to any adverse incidents due to the use of the proprietary software. Therefore, Sahil Jain Classes is in no position to make any such representations or warranties regarding the safety and reliability of the third party software and shall not be liable for any loss of data or other adverse results as a consequence of the usage of the proprietary software.

11. The Buyers are CAUTIONED to back up their critical data before using the software to avoid data loss. 

Refund & Cancellation Policy:-

1. The classes are non-refundable and no credit or refund request shall be entertained whatsoever. However, any special circumstances may be considered by the service provider on a case by case basis, and the decision of the service provider shall be final and binding.

2. The buyer may request a cancellation of the purchase prior to receiving access to the classes on the payment of cancellation fee of 20% of the amount 

Privacy Policy:-

1. The Buyer consents to the usage of data provided by the Buyer to Sahil Jain Classes for the purposes of provision of the selected classes and consents to receive communications from Sahil Jain Classes pertaining that include, but are not limited to, communication regarding class schedules, batches, marketing and promotional content and other communication as may be deemed fit by Sahil Jain Classes. 

2. Sahil Jain Classes does not share the data collected from the buyers with any third parties except for the purpose of provision of the services purchased and for the purposes of legal and tax compliances.

3. In case of any dispute any dispute arising from or in relation to any purchase / transaction conducted on this website, or in relation to any classes offered by Sahil Jain Classes the parties shall be bound to give each other a notice of 15 days and attempt to amicably resolve the dispute. If no amicable resolution is reached within 30 days from the expiry of the notice period, the parties agree that the Courts of Law at Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute arising from or in relation to any purchase / transaction on this website or in relation to any classes offered by Sahil Jain Classes.